About Sloveos

Our Story

Sloveos is a fast fashion women's and men's online store founded in 2020, dedicated to the design, production and sales of women's clothing. From the beginning of the establishment to the present, we have overcome many difficulties and accumulated rich experience in European and American clothing. Since then, we have owned our own original brand - Sloveos. From one factory to many factories, one customer to customers all over the world, our influence is constantly expanding.

Our Products

Our main products are women's tops, dresses, suits, pants, swimwear, etc and men's Clothing . Our products are sold all over the world, mainly in North America and Europe. Every product you see is inspired by the unique creations of our fashion designers at Sloveos. Every stitch and every thread represents our sincerity and responsibility to our customers. Let customers experience our high-quality products, but also enjoy a unique fashion design.

Our Service

At Sloveos, we also provide various after-sales services, you can buy with confidence! We are always customer-centric, as long as the customer is satisfied, it is our greatest honor! We must not only maintain fashion, but also ensure quality, so that customers can buy with confidence and dress happily, which is the biggest meaning of our founding of Sloveos.